22nd-27th September Vipassana retreat in Umbria - Ashoka - Centro di consapevolezza

22nd-27th September Vipassana retreat in Umbria

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Retreat is limited to 15 people


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5-day intensive Vipassana meditation retreat with Fabrizio Giuliani

The course will be held in Italian with English translation

Arrival between 3pm and 5pm on the 22nd of September and Departure at 11am on 27th September.

At Monestevole in the heart of Umbria (Umbertide)

The price includes accommodation in a double or triple room, 3 meals a day and the contribution to the teacher.

The retreat is open to all but for those who have never practiced  Vipassana (come you don't need to be prepared) there is a need for an interview with Fabrizio. Feel free to call 371.333.23.53

What is Vipassana practice?

We spend our lives running away from what we don't like and holding on to what we like. But in reality this is a recipe that ultimately makes us unhappy because, willy-nilly, we have no control over external events. What we love is by its nature non-permanent and like all things, it is born, lives and dies, while what we hate sometimes parks itself in our existence and remains stationary for too long. Here is the nature of suffering, but here is also the 'cure'.

We can and must teach our minds that we can live with everything that happens to us and that this is the key to peace and well-being. With meditation, suffering begins to emerge and people who start practicing find that in reality the symptoms they wanted to heal from get 'aggravated' and they regret thinking that meditation doesn't work or isn't for them. Instead, it's just the opposite.

With practice, the suffering of being, which we repress with continuous distractions, begins to emerge and show itself, because we become aware of it. The aim is not to get rid of these unpleasant or painful sensations but to make friends with them. It is one of the most difficult things but it is also the bravest path and whoever undertakes it is rewarded beyond all expectations. Vipassana insight (clear vision of reality as it truly is and not as a mental construction) develops wisdom, not an intellectual wisdom, but an intuitive wisdom that the mind cannot understand at the cognitive level.

A wisdom that over time breaks those ancient patterns that keep us trapped. Meditation books are an invaluable resource but they cannot replace pillow practice because they describe other people's experiences. Your best teacher will always be your practice.




Who's the teacher?

Fabrizio Giuliani has been practicing Vipassana in the Mahasi tradition for more than 25 years and is the founder of Ashoka-Centro di Consapevolezza in Rome where he continues to teach Vipassana in the Mahasi tradition and Thai forest tradition.

After graduating in Italy he moved to London and then to Australia where he graduated in cultural anthropology at the University of Sydney with a thesis on Shamanism in Colombia.

As soon as he graduated he moved to India to teach English to the community of Tibetan monks and refugees. He lived in Asia for 4 years traveling to Burma, Nepal and Thailand to practice intensively before returning to Australia to continue his practice at the Blue Mountains insight meditation center (Blue Mountains, Sydney).

In 2012 he moved to the USA where he practiced with Vipassana Hawai'i, IMS (Insight Meditation Society) in Massachusetts, Canada and lived for a few months at Robert Aitken's Palolo Zen Center in O'ahu (Hawai'i) . Fabrizio has had the honor and the great fortune of having practiced with exceptional teachers who have dedicated their lives to the Dharma. Lynne Bousfield (Sydney Australia) with whom she teaches Vipassana retreats in Bali and Australia, Steven Smith (Vipassana Hawai'i) Michele McDonald (Vipassana Hawai') Sayadaw Vivekananda (Lumbini, Nepal) Thanissara and Kittisaro (South Africa and California) With whom he continues to practice and has received from them authorization to teach.

He has just completed a course on compassion in the Mahayana and Theravada tradition. He is a qualified MBSR instructor from UCSD (University of California San Diego) His Dharma teaching has a strong practical element based on experience gained on the meditation cushion. His lineage is the Vipassana practice as taught by Mahasi Sayadaw and the Thai forest tradition of Ajan Chah.

How does the retreat work?

Noble silence will be maintained during the retreat to create an ideal condition for the cultivation of concentration and awareness. We will practice intensively for 5 days with breaks for meals alternating sitting meditation and walking editing.

Meditation instruction will be provided in the morning, while Dhamma talks will take place in the late afternoon.

All students will have two private and two small group interviews with the teacher.

Is it true that I can't talk at all?

Yes, it's true. Many people are afraid of silence. We think we can't do it, we think it's impossible but this is simply due to the fact that we are not used to not talking. We could instead experience silence as a form of protection or pause from the world. An opportunity to explore our inner world, understand it and finally understand what is worth cultivating in the mind and what is better to let go.
Having said that if you need something you can always ask I assure you there are no punishments for asking "pass me the salt" at the table :)

Is it true that you meditate 10 hours a day?

No, actually even 12. When we read this thing we immediately think that it's impossible to do it but in reality this is just a thought. After so many years of experience, I have seen the change that happens even after a couple of days. At the beginning it's very hard it's true, but if we manage to get through the first two days the mind starts to get used to it, the tiredness becomes less and the curiosity for life begins to take over.


The final timetable will be posted later. But, in general, the wake-up call will be at 5.30 and the day ends at about 9.30.

What will I eat and where will I sleep?

We will be hosted at the Monestevole eco resort (in the link you will find photos and a description of the place, yes, there is also a swimming pool) in the heart of Umbria.
3 meals a day will be served, the evening meal will consist of soup or a light meal.

The rooms are double or triple (remember that it is not a holiday and sharing space is part of the practice)


This is not a simple retreat, it requires commitment, perseverance and good will but the gains are enormous and change your life forever.





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